Treatment Philosophy

The treatment program at Freedom Behavioral is dedicated to enhancing the psychological, emotional, and interpersonal functioning of its patients.

Our Program Services

Our comprehensive program offers a holistic approach to ensure maximum therapeutic benefits for patients.

Our Team

Freedom Behavioral’s medical team consists of skillful and accomplished service providers.

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Referrals to Freedom Behavioral may be made by physicians, mental health professionals, parents, courts, other psychiatric and acute care inpatient facilities.


Welcome to Freedom Behavioral

Freedom Behavioral is a new state-of-the-art geriatric inpatient behavioral program, offered as a distinct part unit (DPU) of Beacham Memorial Hospital.

Our program is designed to meet the specific and unique needs of adults age 50 and above in a secure and caring environment. We have the ability to treat patients that suffer from acute mental illness with complex medical conditions.

Medicare and other major insurances accepted. Please contact us for additional information. Freedom Behavioral Program is a Distinct Part Unit (DPU) of Beacham Memorial Hospital.

Freedom Behavioral Geriatric Program is a distinct part unit of Beacham Memorial Hospital.

Vision Statement:
“Beacham Memorial Hospital is striving to be the first choice in excellent healthcare services to the communities we serve.”

“Our Mission is to advocate compassionate healthcare and improve the lives of those we serve.”


Beacham Memorial Hospital (BMH) is located in central Magnolia, Mississippi and operates under license from the Mississippi State Department of Health and is certified by the Medicare and Medicaid programs.

The hospital was founded by Dr. A.V. Beacham in 1938 with his brothers Hugh Thompson Beacham and W.D. Beacham, and stayed under his direction until 1964. It was then sold to Dr. Harry C. Frye and Dr. Warren A. Hiatt until they sold it to Pike County and the City of Magnolia in 1974. The hospital was constructed in three phases. The initial construction was done in 1939, the second stage was constructed in 1952, and the last phase was completed in 1976. The final phase resulted in an expansion of a patient area serving 37 beds, a kitchen area and a dining area. In 1977, the furnishings and equipment for the new facility were contributed by Mr. Joe Bancroft, Chairman of Croft Metals, Inc. In 2015, South Pike Hospital Association in partnership with Freedom Healthcare and their CEO, Jason Reed re-invented the facility into a 17 bed Acute Care Facility and a 14 bed geriatric behavioral health facility. This was vital to the survival of Beacham Memorial Hospital being an important economic institution in Pike County, increasing employment from 36 FT employees to over 73 total employees.

Beacham Memorial an acute care hospital and behavioral health unit that has expanded the area it serves from the residents of four (4) counties including Pike, Walthall, Amite and Lincoln Counties to now a seventeen (17) + county behavioral health referral/service base

“Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing.”

— Richard James Molloy

Program Services

Community Support Groups

Comprehensive Continuum of Care Services

Service Development

Intensive Outpatient Services:(Future Program)

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