Program Medical Director

The medical director is an active member of the Medical Professional Staff Organization, who is a licensed psychiatrist and is clinically privileged to admit and attend to patients requiring psychiatric care. The medical director will oversee the psychiatric care of all patients admitted to the unit and be responsible for the medical management of those patients as well as provide direction and supervision for all of the members of the interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary team.

The medical director also serves as an attending psychiatrist providing psychiatric evaluation, diagnosis, treatment and medication management. The medical director serves as an active member of the QAPI committee process and serves as liaison member of the governing body.


Medical Doctors

Our Medical Doctors serve to evaluate current medical history and potential medical problems of the psychiatric patient, order further diagnostic studies as needed deemed appropriately needed and to provide further medical follow-up care. Upon admission one of our qualified Physicians will be assigned to each patient for medical assessment needs, planning for care, and reviewing progress in treatment on identified medical goals throughout our patients stay.

Freedom Behavioral’s Clinical team also consists of skillful and accomplished service providers:

  • Masters prepared Social Workers
  • Activity Therapists
  • Registered Nurses
  • Mental Health Techs
  • Other consulting healthcare professionals